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Let your users have their own personal web sites under your domain!



  • works on UNIX
  • user's web site address looks like (you pick the name for user_base_dir and it can be more than one directory level)
    or if you like, it can be
  • common file's operations,
    • create, rename and delete file and directory
    • change into a directory and back to parent directory
  • files' size, last modification date and total disk usage are clearly shown on directory listing
  • a text file editor let your members edit HTML pages, save and continue edit, save and preview their HTML pages. Users can also resize the editor so that it fit their screen size and resolution
  • your users have the option to generate a backup of original file/directory whenever they overwrite existing data. fm also automatically generate backup whenever uploaded file's name crashes with existing file/directory's name
  • users can upload up to 5 files at a time
  • admin features:
    • adjustable disk quota for each user
    • adjustable per file size upload limit or you can disable upload completely
    • file filtering; you can disallow certain file types to be created on and uploaded to your server, e.g. *.php, *.pl, *.cgi, *.exe, *.py, etc. An alert e-mail will also be sent to your site's administrator (rc: ADMIN_EMAIL) when someone try to create or upload files with those extensions
    • you have the option to have upload report to be sent to your site's administrator after each upload by user
    • fm makes use of the LibWeb's fatal() method a lot so that all errors triggered by your members will fire an alert e-mail to your site's administrator. For example, when someone try to create a directory with the name `../' at his/her home directory.


file-manager-0.01 delete/rename file confirmation screen
(104 Kb jpg)

file-manager-0.01 directory listing screen
(136 Kb jpg)

file-manager-0.01 HTML editor screen
(169 Kb jpg)



  • I forgot to include icon_home.png in all of the distributions for file-manager-0.01. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • There is a typo in the ``create directory'' button. You can easily dive into a subroutine called _create_dir_phtml() to correct the mistake (line 1327).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes are constantly incorporated into the CVS version of file-manager.

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