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What are LEAPs?

LEAPs (LibwEb APplications) are a suite of community web site applications built by using a Perl toolkit called LibWeb. Currently it has a file-manager and possibly more in the future as developers write more web applications based on the interfaces and frameworks defined in LibWeb.

One common drawback on open source web application is that after a web site developer downloaded the script, she has to do quite a bit of tweaking on the script in order for it to communicate with the site's own database and members authentication system. However, this is not a problem with LEAPs since the overheads of consistent member authentication scheme and database interaction is well defined and handled by LibWeb already.

This makes LEAPs plug-and-play web applications.

LibWeb's strong template and theming (HTML widgets) support also allows easy customization of the look and feel of a LEAP with minimum codes tweaking.

Sites running LEAPs

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